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The treatment of such patients is always a difficult task. Esophagospasm is well removed by sedative therapy, but if the psychological component is not removed, then the symptoms resume again. At the same time, the confidence of patients that they are terminally ill grows stronger, and it becomes more difficult to treat them. Therefore, here without the help of a psychotherapist can not do. Examination of patients diagnosed with esophagospasm is aimed at differential diagnosis for exclusion.

Radiological diagnosis with contrasting of the esophagus. Often no deviations from the norm can be identified. Sometimes, instead of flagyl pills peristaltic wave, uncoordinated spasms of the muscles of the esophagus are determined, leading to spastic deformation of the organ. In this case, the function of the NPS is not violated. Esophagoscopy can be difficult due to severe pain (the endoscope does not pass). Sometimes an esophagoscope can be inserted only after thorough anesthesia. The method is used mainly to exclude organic pathology. Esophagotonokymography - detects uncoordinated contraction of the muscles of the esophagus, alternating with normal peristaltic waves. Esophageal spasm therapy includes medication, diet therapy, physical therapy, and alternative therapies.

How to relieve spasm of the esophagus at home. In order to remove both diffuse and segmental spasm of the esophagus at home, you can use the following recommendations. Diet therapy for esophagospasm. Diet therapy is one of the main components of treatment for esophageal spasm. The patient is prescribed diet No. 1 according to buy metronidazole online during an exacerbation, replacing it with diet No. 5 in remission. Individual dietary adjustments for spasm of the esophagus are discussed with the attending physician.

It is necessary to strictly adhere to the same meal times. It is necessary to eat in small portions, avoiding hyperphagia. It is necessary to consume a large amount of liquid, excluding too hot or cold dishes from the menu. Reflex acupuncture is a method that copes well with psychosomatic disorders, including diffuse spasm of the esophagus. medical hypnotherapy. Methods of psychotherapy. autogenic trainingaccording to Schultz, art therapy, sand therapy. All these methods of treatment are aimed at increasing the possibility of self-regulation of involuntary functions of the body. Recommendations for patients with spasm of the esophagus.

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If the patient has a spasm of metronidazole pills, then you should immediately visit a gastroenterologist. First of all, he will be prescribed examinations to exclude the secondary nature of esophagospasm (with osteochondrosis, GERD, esophageal cancer, hiatal hernia). If the patient has secondary esophagospasm, all efforts will be directed to the treatment of the disease that caused spasm of the esophagus. If it turns out that the cause of esophagospasm was a violation of the functioning of the nervous system, then all therapeutic and preventive measures will be aimed at normalizing its work. In this case, a psychotherapist will join the treatment of the patient.